Visiting Barcelona with children

Barcelona offers many activities for families, it is a good destination for a getaway with young children.

There are many options for families to choose, here we list some of the many things to do during your stay in Barcelona, so ​​both adults and children will enjoy a good time:

TIBIDABO: It is an amusement park located on the Tibidabo mountain, west of the city. The park has an area of ​​70,000 m² and it has a privileged location facing all the city (amazing panoramic views). It is also the oldest amusement park operating in Spain, the third oldest one in Europe and one of the oldest ones in the world.
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AQUARIUM: It is located in the Port Vell of Barcelona. The complex has 35 different aquariums containing about 11,000 animals of 450 different species. It has an underwater tunnel of 80 meters long. There are also exhibitions, a Café, a shop and an auditorium.

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BUBBLE PARK: A micro amusement park located in the Maremagnum area, in the Port of Barcelona. It offers a large number of innovative physical activities for children and adults in a strikingly contemporary atmosphere in a unique maritime context.

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BEACH: In Barcelona there are 9 beaches to enjoy with the kids in summer or in winter for a nice walk.

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ZOO: It is a zoo located in Ciudadela’s Park. Its location was chosen because the park buildings were available after the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona (1888).
The Zoo has three objectives: conservation, research and education.
It has one of the most important collections of animals in Europe. For years, specifically from 1966 to 2003, there was the famous star of the Zoo: the Snowflake, the only known albino gorilla.

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SCIENCE MUSEUM - COSMOCAIXA: CosmoCaixa Barcelona is a science museum located inside the building of the Social Work of "la Caixa" located in the upper part of the city. It was opened in 2004 following the refurbishment of its predecessor, the Science Museum of Barcelona, ​​opened in 1981, the new space includes nine plants, but with six underground but with natural light, and a large public square overlooking the city.

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BARCELONA BOSC URBA: This is a new concept of adventure park. No trees, as it is an urban park, made of concrete pillars. You do not need to leave the city of Barcelona to enjoy with  sports with typical zip lines, nets, vines, bridges... You will not be in the trees, but in exciting platform located 6 meters high. There are different circuits ideal for children and families, such as those prepared by the lovers of the strongest emotions.

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CATALUÑA IN MINIATURE: A place where you will find a circuit with scale models of the most famous places in Catalonia, declared of National Tourist Interest. It was created to show the most representative monuments of the Catalan lands and buildings. It is located 13Km from Barcelona, in a town called Torrellas de Llobregat.

Its facilities also features the Living Forest, a forest adventure for children and where to get lost among the trees, climbing a pine trunk or hanging from a zip line.

The park also offers many other services for having a great day: Picnic area, bar, restaurant, train, amphitheater, playground...

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“GOLONDRINAS”: A “Golondrina” is a type of tourist vessel powered by a motor. They may have one or two decks and sometimes the windows or floor are transparent to let you explore the underwater background. They often make short haul trips around the harbor where they have their base.

Its base is in DRASSANES at the end of Las Ramblas, next to the monument to Columbus. In its services they include sightseeing of the coast of the city and seeing the skyline of Barcelona from the sea.

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In addition to these options, Barcelona has many parks, shopping centers, cinemas and activities to enjoy with kids. We hope that all this information will help you to plan your family holiday in Barcelona!


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