Typical Spanish PART V: Castellers

In the region of Catalonia teams of Castellers can be seen competing against each other to proove who can build the highest human tower and dismantle it whithout falling apart. This unique spectacle in spain can be seen all year around and specially during the summer in the many festivals around Catalonia. Taking directions from their leader,the "Cap de Colla", the Castellers form a solid foundation of packed bodies, linking arms and hands together in an intricate way that will carry the weight of the several lays of people that will constitute the tower. On this foundation up to eight more levels of people are built, each layer standing on the shoulders of the ones below. The top levels are made up with children and the "Castell" is completed when the youngest child waves to the crowd from the top of the pinnacle and then, lay by lay, the members really have to climb down in order to score and win the competition. The foundation also serves to soften the fall in case the tower collapses, which is not uncommon. It is a breathtaking tradition you will never forget. From the HOSTAL MARE NOSTRUM, we recommend you not to miss this opportunity. CHECK HERE THE 2012 CALENDAR Previously PARTE IV: Las Sevillanas

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