The Wailers and Ben Harper en el Festival Cruïlla BCN2010

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to introduce this great festival in Barcelona. In middle of summer comes Cruïlla Festival 2010! If you want to see The Wailers live on or near Ben Harper and Albert Pla Macaco do not miss this eclectic festival in the Parque del Forum. This year extends its duration to two days programming with 35 national and international artists that will gather at an event whose organization works with entities involved with society (International Amnesty, Intermon Oxfam, Intervida, Fundació Catalana d'Ela and the Red Cross). Ben Harper launches new album with his new group The Relentless7 "White Lies for dark times" (Emi, 2009) in their unique concert in Catalunya. The Wailers will be touring its 40 year history since the beginning with Bob Marley, the ivorian Alpha Blondy will also be with its fighting reagge that has been heard around the world. From the national level will be Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Albert Pla, The Pinker Tones, D'Callaos, Love of Lesbian and Rap'susklei with everyone else to shake the city from Parque del Forum the 16th an 17th of July. Do not miss it! Tuesday before the festival we had an interview with Jordi Herreruela, the conductor of Festival Cruïlla BCN2010. He was very kind and was willing to answer our questions. HMN: It is clear that this festival is engaged with the society, as in the humanitarian as in scheduling together local groups with high international groups. Tell us a bit of the philosophy of this project. JH: There are three factors that define our position clearly: First place in Barcelona music scene, festivals are too focused on specific styles: jazz, pop, electronic, etc. and our intention is to be like european festivals in which they play all styles. It is also true that influences the socialization of music that has lived the last years with the Internet, which has produced a development which is evidenced by the mix of styles and fusion. The ground is constantly removed and that is what we want to show. In second place, what is happening is that national groups are always drifted away in our own festivals and it's hard for them to get a place on them. We bet for cultural exchange and we believe that the proper way is giving a leading role Macaco and groups like Ben Harper, Love of Lesbian and Alpha Blondie. And finally, most of the artists are involved in some way and offer a critical view of society or are actively involved in humanitarian projects. That's how organizations like Amnesty International or Intermon Oxfam wanted to approach and support the project. Actually, we feel proud that humanitarian associations feel related to the spirit of the proposal. HMN: What's new this year? JH: The change of dates is a very important to us because there is not a big festival in Barcelona in mid-July. We intend to be as important as the Sonar is in mid June and make a known name in the outlook for summer festivals in Barcelona. Also there is the fact of putting 20 groups per day on three stages, which represents a considerable logistical effort that we hope will be reflected in the result. The partnership of the associations is also one of the novelties of this year. We have also improved the restaurant area with a different cuisine and through radio will be streamed live some of the concerts and, therefore, it will be easy that an artist grant an interview to radio reporters. HMN: Is there any type of promotion or some kind of discount to encourage the visitors? JH: In addition to the entrance at 37 € there is the 2days-ticket at 68 € wich currently is a more than competitive price to enjoy all these artists. Some of those artists asks for more money to get a ticket for see them in a concert. Cruïlla BCN2010

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