"La nit de Sant Joan" 2010

Noche de San Juan (in Catalan "la nit de Sant Joan) is a magical night and one of the great traditions in Barcelona and in Catalonia and in many parts of the world. Therefore, Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to talk about this great event. On the night of June 23, many populations around the world will light bonfires, will be thrown firecrackers and there will be fireworks and concerts in a big party that lasts all night. It is partly why it is called "the shortest night of the year". Also because just two days before there's the summer solstice and the daylight hours begin to decrease, and San Juan also welcomes the expected arrival of summer. Something is said of the bonfires of San Juan: is to be made to give power to the sun to shine during the decay of the daylight hours. Also that is the night of witches and magic and the time for wishes. Another reason for its popularity is because it is one of the most celebrated onomastic days all over the world: Joan, John, Jean, John, Ivan, Sean, etc. In Barcelona (as in all towns along the coast) each year gather on the beach thousands of people to light their bonfires and celebrate until dawn. It is, for sure, one of the most special nights of the year. Our suggestion: At Sortidor Sq. (L2 - Poble Sec), at 20.30h there will be a festival with an orchestra in which you can try the "coca llardons" (traditional cake made of butter), drink sweet wine and dancing until dawn. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS: If anyone know of any other party or a meeting and want to make the suggestion, we will include it in the post! Cheer up!


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