Give us a name for our new guest!

Hi friends! We’d like to explain you something that is going on here at Hostal Mare Nostrum. This is… a bear. He’s been at Hostal Mare Nostrum for a while and it seems that he has no intention of moving on. He loves the new look of our hostal as he’s been here during the transformation and we’re so happy to have him as a guest but we have a little problem with him: WE DO NOT KNOW HIS NAME!! We tried to ask him, but he is very silent and barely speaks. He stares at you and doesn’t respond. It’s very weird! Here you can see some pictures of him: lying in his bed and watching TV, from where he can also see people on Las Ramblas; watching Las Ramblas also from the dining room; checking Facebook from the courtesy PC; waiting behind the front desk… We’d like you to help us to find a name for him. We thought about some names: Brian, Mr. B, Brownie, Mr. Bear, Calvin, Mr. Sand… Which one do you like the most? Any other suggestion? We will give all names to the bear, and if he likes the name you gave him, he will pay 50% of your next stay at Hostal Mare Nostrum and he will welcome you, of course! PLEASE HELP US! Let’s find our new guest a name! * Discount 50% applies to rack rate on stays of 3 nights maximum. Subject to availability.

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