El Cafè del Opera : having a Coffee with History

The Hostal Mare Nostrum is situated in Barcelona´s downtown, just few steps from Las Ramblas, and therefore enjoyes some of the most illustrious places of the City as neighbor as is the Café de l'Opera. What is now called the Cafè de l'Opera was inaugurated in the late eighteenth century as a tavern-inn and for over half a century served as a meeting point for the carriages arriving or leaving for other populations. It was at that time that the bourgeoisie had already settled on Las Ramblas and it had become an elegant stroll with Renaissance buildings. Then, with the spread of the tram, the arrival of the railroad and the inauguration in 1837 of the Gran Teatro del Liceo (located directly in front of it) the Cafè de l'Òpera is reformed and becomes a famous chocolate shop with a Viennese style. It currently holds mirrors (unique collection) and some ornaments of that time. Some time later, it was called "La Mallorquina" and became one of the most elegant Cafe-restaurant in the city in where the bourgeoisie and aristocracy gathered. Until in 1928 the ownership was transferred and it was renamed "El Cafè de l'Opera" (The Cafe of the Opera), impregnated with the reforms of the prevailing modernist style at the time. Currently, this cafe is part of the historical heritage of the city. However the real story of the Cafè de l'Opera is written in the everyday centennial environment that you can breathe inside. Having a chocolate with churros have passed on through time since King Alfonso XIII till the personnel of our hotel including through anarchists, political, bohemians, intellectuals, painters and other characters that have shaped the cosmopolitan nature of the center of Barcelona and have written one or more pages of history. Also, having an expresso with milk, the famous "Cortado" at the bar comes to ninety cents, unthinkable in the city center. At the Cafè de l'Opera, you can not be on your own having a coffee, you will always be with the History. Must See!

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