Barça faces Real Madrid in Barcelona to win the Spanish Super Cup

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to remind you today that the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup, where FC Barcelona and Real Madrid will face, will be held next 17th August at Camp Nou Stadium. This classic competition takes place since 1982, facing the champions of the Spanish League First Division against the champion of the “Copa del Rey”. It will be very exciting this year, as we will see Barça playing against Madrid for the sixth time this year. FC Barcelona won this title more times: nine. As a rarity, this game will be played at 11pm, as other matches are competing in the first phase of the Champions League the same day and UEFA does not allow overlapped schedules. Tickets for the match, prices ranging between 59 and 167 euro, are available only for members. Other supporters have to pay attention to the 25th of July, when Servicaixa will run the sale. Do not miss the Spanish Super Cup in Barcelona! Excitement is guaranteed. Where: Camp Nou Stadium (Barcelona) When: August 17th, 2011 How much: Between 59 and 167 euro You can buy your tickets here. After the match come and rest at Hostal Mare Nostrum, at the heart of Barcelona. Check out our offers and enjoy a few unforgettable summer days in Barcelona.

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