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El Mercat de la Boqueria

Hostal Mare Nostrum is located right next to the famous Boqueria Market, the first of the entire city to be built and a symbol.

Its origins, though somewhat uncertain, are around the twelfth century, when street vendors are strategically located in the Paseo de las Ramblas because they were becoming very busy. As competition between old and new traders grew more had to split into two squares behind the Palau de la Virreina. The space in the Ramblas was too small to build a permanent structure. When destroyed the convent of Sant Josep in 1835 when the market was able to settle with the current extension.

Construction began on the very day the roof of San Jose in 1840 and construction lasted until 1914 when it was inaugurated modernist housing. The fishmongers and butchers will be placed in the back line due to the desire of King Charles IV, who thought it would be more seemly that order which is still preserved. Formerly tradition with a flower give away to customers who bought in the market and hence the origin of the florists of the Rambla.

The Boqueria market is a deeply rooted element in the collective memory of Barcelona society, connected with popular traditions and celebrations. The current keepers are the third or fourth generation still on the market. Is the union of past and present. Today the structure, location and jobs have become a must for all tourists who come to our city, in addition to selling top quality products.

Imagenes de El Mercat de la Boqueria

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