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Almacenes El Indio

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Opened in 1850, offers its customers a wide range of goods, striving to offer the personal satisfaction of good taste at a reasonable price.

Inside you can find carpets, blankets, quilts, duvets, all kinds of tableware and bedding and household utensils and an assortment of fabrics of all kinds.

In addition to shopping, customers can admire the spacious lobby, the first in Barcelona in their time of these characteristics, the work of the decorators Vilaro and Valls, and the beauty of its ornamentation modernist set has served on several occasions for filming and for photographic works.

According to information gathered, the social changes that have occurred in the Almacenes el Indio have been:

1850 to 1870 Batlle y Cía

1870 to 1900 Batlle Bausili y Cía

1900 to 1920 Mitjans y Cía

1920 to 1940 Andreu Alsina

1940 to the present Balda y Riera

  • Adress: C/ Carme 24
  • Tel: 93-317-54-42

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