Untill the 14-02-2010 : Pablo Picasso and the influences of the japanese erotic paintings.

The Hostal Mare Nostrum recomends you to enjoy this exposition that enlight us about the influences of this japanese form of art with Picasso's works. Erotism and sensuality are two bases in Picasso's work. Today, and for the first time, access is given to the public of an unknown part of Picasso's private colection, the japanese erotic paintings which always followed him. In fact, the bond between the artist and those paintings was so strong, it allows us to see parallelism between the paintings and early (1900-1908) and late works (1964-1972) when the artist intensively dedicated himself to those thematics. It results that the exposition creates “an open dialogue in similar compositional solutions and the formal treatment used to describe and explore the female nude male desire and lovemaking” tells us Malén Gual. It gives us a new and better interpretation of Picasso's works ALL THE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS EXPOSITION IN THE PICASSO MUSEUM IN BARCELONA HERE!!!

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