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The Kooks in Barcelona!

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-08-05

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to announce today the Kooks' concert in Barcelona! Not until October, but we are already preparing engines...

The new album of The Kooks, to be called "Junk of Heart", will go on sale next September, just a month before the concert is given in Razzmatazz. The brit-pop band from Brighton were consolidated as a reference group in its style with their debut album "Inside in / Inside out", launched in 2005. Now, with their third album almost in the market, they are one of the coolest bands nowadays!

Buy now your tickets for the concert!

Official website

Where: Razzmatazz (Barcelona)
When: October 23, 2011
How much: 25 euros

Do not miss The Kooks concert in Barcelona, and take advantage of the CONCERT NIGHTS that Hostal Mare Nostrum offers you! Find it out!

The Kooks
The Kooks
In a concert with The Kooks
The Kooks - Brit-pop music
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