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Sintonitzza Festival, a 'must' of summer celebrations of Santa Coloma

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-08-02

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to announce today... Sintonitzza Festival!

Santa Coloma de Gramenet (city adjacent to Barcelona) celebrates as every year Sintonitzza Festival, an independent music festival which has established itself as a benchmark in its style: Electro / Indie / Punk.

Sintonitzza Festival is celebrated every year due to the main summer celebrations of Santa Coloma, from 2 to 5 September 2011. Delorean, Standstill, Bizarre Love Triangle or Love of Lesbian, among others, have already played in last editions of Sintonitzza Festival.

Friday September 2: Athome Rumba, Nudozurdo, Eric Fuentes & Evil, Surfing Sirles, Perfect Disorder, Mondo Sonoro DJs and Monoculture.
Saturday September 3: The New Raemon, Pony Bravo, Very Pomelo, Ornament and Crime, Saudade, Polock, Estereotypo, Chinese Christmas Card.
Sintonitzza Program 2011

Programa del Festival Sintonitzza 2011

Programa de Fiesta Mayor de Santa Coloma de Gramenet 2011

Where: Parc Europe (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona).
How to arrive: Metro station of Santa Coloma (Metro Line 1 - red). Bus 800, B14, B18, B21, B27, B30, N6, N8 and N9.
When: Friday 2 and Saturday 3 September at 10pm.
How much: for free!

Enjoy Sintonitzza Festival and celebrations of Santa Coloma! We will be waiting at Hostal Mare Nostrum with everything ready to make you rest like a child.

The New Raemon
Very Pomelo
Pony Bravo
Cartel Sintonitzza 2011
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