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Sala Montjuïc, the best option for summer nights

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-06-28

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to announce that next July 4th Barcelona opens “La Sala Montjuïc”, an event which runs until August 5th.

“La Sala Montjuïc” is a film exhibition with a selection of the best movies of all times. Among the chosen films there will be screened Some Like It Hot, À bout a souffle or Charade.

More thank films, there will be jazz, flamenco, R & B, swing, samba ...

Here you can have a look at the posters of last editions: original posters and plenty of colours. True works of art.

See the programming.

Practical information of the event.

Where: Montjuïc Castle gardens (Barcelona)
When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from July 4 to August 5, 2011
How much: Ticket: 5 euro. Deck: 3 euro.

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Sala Montjuïc
Público esperando proyección
El público atento a la película
Sala Montjuïc
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