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Roxette's world tour will be in Barcelona!

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-08-17

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to announce today the Roxette concert, to be held in the month of November in Barcelona.

The Swedish group Roxette was founded in 1986, although they reached international fame in 1989 with the song "The Look". They have sold 75 million albums, and four of their singles reach No. 1 in the USA have won several awards including the World Music Award, MTV Awards, the BMI of England and several Swedish Grammys.

You can buy your tickets here!

Roxette's Official Website

When: November 19, 2011 at 20:15 pm
Where: Sant Jordi Club, Barcelona
How much: From 45 euros

Don't forget that our CONCERT NIGHTS can make your weekend:
1. Come to Barcelona
2. See your favourite artist
3. Stay at Hostal Mare Nostrum and get 10% of Discount (showing your ticket when check in!)

Take advantage of our CONCERT NIGHTS!

Roxette en Barcelona
Gira mundial de Roxette
Concierto de Roxette
Roxette live in concert
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This is pretty good dark fairy tales http://functionalilliteracy.com/category/horror-stories/
El 2011-12-17  el usuario Cristina (from Honduras) escribió:
Vengan a Honduras por favoooooooor, yo estuve en el primer recital que hicieron en el estadio centenario. Me reencanto, ahora estoy en Honduras y no pude volver a verlos...... pero si hubiera estado ahi, seria la primera en comprar la entrada.....

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