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Maná, in concert in Barcelona

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-08-10

Hostal Mare Nostrum announces today the concert of the latin rock group Maná, which is scheduled for late September at Palau Sant Jordi.

Maná was founded in 1978 and currently have 8 studio albums, three compilations and three more live albums.

Six years after their last studio recording, Maná publishes 'Drama and Light', an album with 12 new songs, whose first single is 'Lluvia al corazón'. The band dedicated this album to Fher's mother and sister, died in 2010. This is the best-seller album of the year in Spain.

Get your tickets before they dissapear!

Where: Palau Sant Jordi (Passeig Olimpic 5-7, Barcelona)
When: 20/9/2011 at 9pm
How much: From 40 euro

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Maná en concierto
Maná in Barcelona
Latin Music Band Maná
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