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Introducing Mr. Rambler, the new guest at Hostal Mare Nostrum

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2013-08-14

Mr. Rambler is our new guest at the Hostal Mare Nostrum.

Maybe you remember when we announced that this nice (and silent) bear had come to our hostal. If you do not, click here to read about what happened last 16th April at Mare Nostrum ... We say “silent” because the truth is that he has not said a word since he arrived, but he looks at us in a very VERY disturbing way: staring. He doesn’t even blink at all!

Well, after our request for collaboration in the constant search for a name for him and after receiving many names that we gave to our new guest, he has chosen Mr. Rambler. Well, the truth is that we found it very appropriate, as the hostel is located right in the middle of Las Ramblas, Barcelona's most famous street, which can be seen from the dining room and also from most of our rooms.

So today we want to introduce you to Mr. Rambler, a cute and mysterious teddy bear and that since last April sleeps in our hostal and during the day visits the city of Barcelona. We will keep telling you his adventures through the blog, so stay tuned!

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El 2013-08-25  el usuario Ana (from Argentina) escribió:
Estimado Mr Rambler: El próximo sábado estaré allí para pasear por las Ramblas y conocerle personalmente. Escucharé sus sugerencias para organizar mi visita. Estoy armando mis valijas (o maletas como dicen Ustedes) y muy ansiosa por llegar!!!
Atte. , desde una fría Buenos Aires, le saluda,
Sra. Ana.

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