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FNAC Music Festival: Ivan Ferreiro, Antònia Font, Love of Lesbian, Amaral...

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-08-23

Hostal Mare Nostrum brings you big news today: FNAC Music Festival is ready to give us the best independent music of the moment on the national scene and will do it in Barcelona and Madrid. What great bands we have in Spain, ladies and gentlemen!

Come in and take your seat...

When FNAC proposes something, it is always a big thing, and this time it will be this big. Next 29th December 2011 it will take place at Palau Sant Jordi a festival with the most spectacular bands of this very moment in Spain. On guide: Amaral, Antònia Font, Love of Lesbian, Delafé y las flores azules, Ivan Ferreiro and Cyan (in Barcelona). In Madrid you will be able to see how Christina Rosenvinge, Second and The Noises do it! (Instead of Antònia Font, Delafé y las flores azules and Cyan). So, you can choose!

Madrid – Palacio de los Deportes (27th December 2011):
Amaral, Love Of Lesbian, Iván Ferreiro, Christina Rosenvinge, Second, The Noises.
Barcelona – Palau St Jordi (29th December 2011):
Amaral, Love Of Lesbian, Iván Ferreiro, Antònia Font, Delafé, Flores Azules and Cyan.

Where: Madrid and Barcelona
When: 27 and 29 December 2011
How much: 36 euro

Get your ticket for the festival!

We are almost sure that you already know that Hostal Mare Nostrum is a big fan of concerts and festivals. That's why we decided to create the CONCERT NIGHTS.

Visiting Barcelona for a bargain and enjoying good music is now possible.

Barcelona looks good on you.

Antònia Font en el FMF 2011
Love of Lesbian
Delafé y las flores azules
Ivan Ferreiro
Cartel del FNAC Music Festival
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