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eCommretail 2011: Marketing online and eComerce

Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2011-02-15

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to talk about this event about the online business in Barcelona, the eCommretail.

After the success of the first edition comes the second edition of this major event on the online business in Europe. Anyone interested in having presence in the internet, and now is all that business with a minimum of perspective, you want to attend the conferences and activities proposed in the Ecommretail.

Digital marketing professionals Eventosfera be responsible for distributing online, also will contribute with their talks and workshops as well as Territorio Creativo boys also will be among those who guide us on the evolution of this "new world" where all we are, willy-nilly. It is precisely for this reason that anyone can access this nutritious fruit of experience, as the entrance to conferences and lectures is free.

This year brings new areas of ecommarketing, ecommcloud, ecommobile, ecommtalents and ecommopensoruces among many other improvements and changes. These are the numbers for this year:

5,400 m2
10,000 trade visitors
(Corporate accounts, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Professional Online ...)
120 companies exhibiting
250 conferences, seminars and workshops

The program is ready for this year. Check it!

We will be attending this event, and you?

Where: Montjuïc Fairgrounds
When: March 2 and 3, 2011
How much: free (except for workshops)

eCommretail 2011

Remember in Hostal Mare Nostrum you have free Wifi in the common zones and great offers.

logo de eCommretail 2011
exterior eCommretail
eCommretail 2011
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