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Posted by: Hostal Marenostrum at 2009-12-29

Hostal Mare Nostrum wants to warn you about this big event in Barcelona ¡15 minutes away from our hotel!

In June 2010, Barcelona is hosting one of the Europe's huge Harley-Davidson meeting.

Eventually, after the prohibition for the 2009's event due to the neighbors' complains, the council has reached an agreement with Harley-Davidson brand so that, in mid-June, the city of Barcelona will become the focus of international attention for all fans of the legendary brand.

After the great results of the first festival in june 2008, when over 18.000 motorbikes came from everywhere and over one million visitors (quickly said), the experience will be repeated in the exhibition site of Montjuïc.

This year, among the activities planned will be the Custom Bike Show, a competition to see wich is the best customized motorbike. Also will be the Demo Ride, destined to please the dreams of every people who dreamed to drive The Motorbike.

Highly recommended!!

All about BCNHarleyDays

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