Barcelona FC is Champion

The Hostal Mare Nostrum salute to the Champions of the Barcelona FC ! Spain Championship Cup ! Check ! King´s Cup ! Check ! Champions League Championship! Check ! What Else ? (G. Clooney) As you can see, yesterday Las Ramblas of Barcelona were on fire and celebrated the new, the third, the last of the three titles posible to acheve by one football team in Europe. The Barcelona FC has won it all. The years of celebration for the perfect season for the perfect team. Of course we are objective, the Barcelona FC is THE club. Guardiola on the commands, Xavi to distribute the ball like a surgeon (Messi's goal for instance), Messi -mister Instoppable- to attack and threat the defense, Puyol -mister Stopeveryone- to defend, Etoo to nail it down. And the rest of them deserves the same Hail Cesar Ovation for respect and greatness. Today, the whole team comes back in Barcelona to celebrate with every barceloneses. From the harbor to Camp Nou via Leitana avenue on the Bus Cabriolet, the street will be on fire ! Again ! ¡ We Are The Champions, My Friend ! The Hotel Curious

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