Typical Spanish PART I: Siesta time

A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. The siesta is a typical custom in Spain and Latin America (but also in China, Taiwan, Philippines, India, Greece ...) consisting of having a few minutes to rest (from 20 to 30 minutes) after lunch, between 13h and 15h . This break is associated with sleep and energy recovery to proceed with the rest of the day. The intake of large meals and high temperatures that occur in some of these countries increase this feeling of drowsiness. It is proved that resting on the "sixth hour" (word from which the term "siesta" comes) is beneficial for blood circulation and for the optimal daily efficiency. "Sixth hour", because this feeling of fatigue is given over 6 hours after waking up in the morning. Biological explanation: After lunch, we all experience a decrease in our activity, usually influenced by a phenomenon known as "postprandial effect". Digestion involves increased blood flow to the digestive system, resulting in this slight feeling of drowsiness. Where: Anywhere! How much: It is for free! We encourage everyone to join this latin tradition. We want you to have the perfect siesta at Hostal Mare Nostrum! It will make you very good! Coming next PART II: Having a Vermut

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