Their Majesties, the Three Kings of the Orient, will arrive on Saturday in Barcelona

Here in Spain there is a lovely tradition on Christmas. Instead of Santa Claus, we have here the Three Kings of Orient: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. They come to all cities all around the world during the night of 5th January and leave many presents for children. Many mean all presents on a list written by the children and given to the Kings during the procession taking place in all spanish cities, all of them at the same time! (They are magical!!). Their Majesties, the Three Kings of the Orient, are on the last leg of their journey and will be arriving here in Barcelona this Saturday, having journeyed thousands of kilometres to be able to give children their gifts. They are expected to moor at the Fusta wharf at 5 pm, where they will be handed the key to the city, so they can open all the doors of Barcelona's houses. Afterwards, at 6.30 pm, they'll then start on their procession through the streets of Barcelona. They'll be setting off from Avda Marquès de l'Argentera and finishing their tour at Avda Rius i Taulet. They'll be accompanied by several artistic companies. In addition, they'll be tasked with collecting all the letters not yet delivered to them. And, seeing as they are Magical, the Three Kings of the Orient will also be taking part in processions being held in the city's various districts. Do not miss their magical tour on Saturdat 5th January!!

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