Primavera Sound 2014 in Barcelona

Hostal Mare Nostrum presents you one of the most important festivals in Barcelona the Primavera Sound 2014!

The program is confirmed, groups like The National, Pixies, Arcade Fire, Queens of the Stone Age or Metronomy are some of the artists of this edition of the Barcelona Primavera Sound.

If you love good music, you have no excuse not to come to Barcelona, because the Hostal Mare Nostrum offers a 10% discount to anyone showing us their entry for Primavera Sound 2014, courtesy of our offer Concert Nights.

Where: Plaza del Forum in Barcelona.
When: From 29 to 31 May 2014.
How much:

Primavera Sound 2014 full festival ticket in Barcelona: 99 € (1000 units) - SOLD OUT!
Primavera Sound 2014 full festival ticket in Barcelona: 115 € (2000 units) - SOLD OUT!
From 11th June to 2nd September 2013: 145 € - SOLD OUT!
From 3rd September 2013 to 6th January 2014: 160 € - SOLD OUT!
From 7th January 2014 to the presentation of the line up: 175 € - SOLD OUT!
From the presentation of the line up to the beginning of the festival: 195 €

Visit the website of Primavera Sound.


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