Palau de la Virreina: "Guia secreta de la Rambla" - from 25/3 to 24/5

In Hotel Curious we are aware of everything that happens on Las Rambla in Barcelona and everything related to it so that our clients are abreast of the activities in the heart of Barcelona. As part of the festival Rambleros , Palau de la Virreina inaugurates a new era of management focusing on the Ramblas. Guia Secreta de la Rambla (Secret Guide of la Rambla) is a retrospective over The Street of Barcelona on trying to stay away from clichés and the media saturation to refute the simplistic view that has been given in recent decades. The exhibition of Guia Secreta de la Rambla collects images of some of the photographers most representative of the period of Transition in Barcelona and are combined with contemporary works of Eva Serats, Red Caballo, Àngels Margarit, Oriol Vilanova, Peter Downsbrough, Jaume Pitarch , Beat Streuli and Frank Berger among others for a tour on the events that shaped the Rambla theatrical we know today. It will also be the monograph "Ocaña 1973-1983: activities, actions, activism" dedicated to the andalusian painter and activist, emblematic figure who gave to ramblera life as much as ramblera life gave to his work. Parallel to the topic, also begins an exhibition of work by Xavier Miserachs "Barcelona en blanc i negre" (Barcelona in white and black), important book published in 1964 portraying the city in the early twentieth century. Where: Palau de la Virreina When: March 25 to 24 May - Tuesday to Sunday from 12h to 20h How much: 5 €, free entrance first Sundays of each month. Must See! All information on exhibitions Palau de la Virreina

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