Barcelona vs Atlético de Madrid match

This Saturday at 18:00 FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid play "the final" of the BBVA league.
FC Barcelona risks everything on the last day of the championship. After a very irregular year FC Barcelona reached the final day with a chance of winning the title against the other aspirant, Atletico Madrid.

FC Barcelona will try to win the league title saving a discrete season. Atletico, meanwhile, has a chance for history, Cholo Simeone players are one step away from demonstrate that they have become a reference team in Europe.

The match is at 18.00 at the stadium of FC Barcelona and will be refereed by Mateu Lahoz. Atletico Madrid will be champions winning or with a draw, while to Barça is only worth the victory.

If FC Barcelona won this game, this title would be the most celebrated, so an invasion of the city center would be expected, where it is located the Canaletes fountain.
Whatever the result may be, this game will be remembered for a long time and it will be the end of one of most competitive leagues in recent years.


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